How to Apply for a Pep Loan Online in South Africa and use Pep Money

You can apply for a Pep loan online or at any Pep Money near you. Loan amounts range from as little as R1,000 and up to R50,000, which means you can get an emergency loan immediately or apply for a bigger loan that you can repay over a maximum of 24 months. Apply for a Pep loan today! Pep Money is a registered financial services and credit provider.

For your loan application to be approved quickly so that the cash appears in your bank account, you need to know the following:

  1. Only South Africa citizens older than 18-years-old will be approved,
  2. You must be employed full-time, part-time, contracted or self-employed,
  3. The bank account that the loan money must be paid into must be your own bank account.

To apply for a loan at Pep is very simple. You have 2 options: online or at a store.Once you complete the application, you will get a notification of the progress and final offer. The Money Mall has partnerships  with many loan providers in South Africa to make it easier for you to get online loans much quicker. Apply below.

    There are a number of factors that determine Pep loan interest rates. Below are a couple of them:

    1. The interest rates depend on the loan amount,
    2. The more money you make means that you can get lower interest rates, but this is entirely dependent on other factors as well, and;
    3. If you take up credit insurance, life insurance or a funeral cover, you can lower your interest rates because any of these insurance types can ensure that the loan is repaid in full in the event that you lose your job, get disabled and are unable to earn an income or even as a result of death.

    Typically, a loan of R1,000.00 can mean that you pay just under R300 per month in installments. That means that your final repayment of the loan would be R1,200.00. Ultimately, the terms of your loan will depend on your application profile.

    Pep Money is the administrator of loans offered by Pep Stores and Ackermans Stores. For more on Capfin Loans, click here. Pep Money also offers money transfers, remittances and more.

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